And that’s a wrap on planting season

Wowee! What a fantastic few months we’ve had at Co-forest:Acorn. Between November 2021 and February 2022 we hosted 30 planting days with hundreds of volunteers. In total our Co-foresters donated 3000 hours of their time and helped us plant 10,000 trees across 11 acres of land.

We are eternally grateful to the companies and individuals who bought plots of land that allowed us to launch this project. We’re also incredibly grateful for those supporters and other volunteers who took the time to help us plant our forest. Our vision wouldn’t have come to life and we couldn’t have planted so many trees without you all.

We also want to give a shout out to Wendy who, I’m sure you’ll all agree, has been the most fabulous host for our planting days.

Our supporters will be able to come back and visit their plots of land and now have a meaningful legacy for life for either themselves, families or businesses all while offsetting their carbon footprint and creating new habitat for wildlife.

We’ll be back at Acorn later this year to do some maintenance and check in on our tree growth!

Thank you again,

Team Co-forest

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