Partner announcement: Offset Earth

We’re pleased to announce that Co-forest has now partnered with carbon offsetting association, Offset Earth.

What is Offset Earth?

Offset Earth is a platform to allow you to contribute more towards your own carbon footprint. By signing up, Offset Earth will help you become climate positive by putting small amounts of funding into high impact projects.

Offset Earth is working with a number of projects across the world that are helping to combat climate change. From planting mangrove trees in Madagascar to wind farms in Turkey, there are plenty of inspiring initiatives being supported by the money donated by their members.

And soon Co-forest:Acorn will be one of those projects!

Co-forest at Earth Improving event in Bristol

Co-forest founder, David, will be speaking at Offset Earth’s ‘Earth Improving’ event in Bristol on Tuesday 10thMarch. The evening aims to shine a light on climate hope and encourage people to come together in collective action.

David will be officially launching Co-forest as an organisation and explaining our new type of reforestation.

For more information about Offset Earth visit their website (and why not choose Co-forest as your preferred project!) 

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